I haven’t been able to write a proper blog post since the beginning of this year or even last year. I wasn’t able to post my 2017 highlights which kinda sucks and it’s almost the end of March that I remember visiting my blog. I remember seven years ago, I am always eager to write something, may it be a rant, a story to tell, love life (which always sucks) & etc. I am always game of sharing it. But now, I don’t know what happened with my old self. I am also writing this post on my phone because we have decided to have our internet line disconnected (PH internet provider company sucks big time!) so I’m always using regular data on my phone. “Ang gastos, pramis!”

There’s a lot of things happened to me from last year which I am excited to share with you guys (idk if someone is reading my blog,haha!) But I may need to talk about it on my next blog post. Hehe, I’m gonna try to recover some old photos because I have to transfer them all to my laptop from phone. Who doesn’t love a clean files on their phone in the beginning of the year, right?

I only posted three blog posts last year maybe because I am still trying to be on my own. Well, you know this girl has been with a major heartbreak she never knew will happen to her. If you’re asking how am I doing now, I am perfectly fine. And some trivia, I somehow fell inlove again before 2017 ends but got my heart broken again in the beginning of 2018. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Such a lame girl, I know! But that’s more bearable than my first heartbreak, oh well let’s not talk about it. Gahd! I miss blogging seriously. I will definitely try my best to sit on my laptop next time and try to write all the things I wanted to share on my blog. I also need to do some tweak here and there. I remember transferring my Tumblr post here so it will be a great nostalgia trip next time! 😊

So guys, till next time!

Love ❤,



The Sunday Currently: Vol. 8


Welcome back to me! 🙂

It has been a long time since I last posted or visited my blog, I’ve been very busy with work lately. But I’m back to definitely catch up with the things I wasn’t able to blog about. I remember that I said I will be posting about my birthday the last time but I wasn’t able to do, so I am going to compile it in one post together with the other things I have done for the past few months. Anyway, to make things up for my blog, here’s another set of my Sunday Currently!

His Bedwarmer Wife – Mims {A Wattpad Story}
I am back from reading stories on Wattpad after a very long time. I am really picky on reading stories there, if it didn’t catch my attention then I probably close the tab & read another story.

backlog post for my blog

Ready for it… – Taylor Swift

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The Sunday Currently: Vol. 7


I am posting this under the title of Sunday Currently even though I am posting this on a Monday. I celebrated my birthday yesterday which falls on a Sunday so I would like to have something for my birthday & this is the easy blog post I can put up in just 10-20 minutes. I will follow up with my birthday blog post soon! Hehe, forgive me for being so lame self proclaimed blogger.

I don’t have any particular books to read right now or a blog/article that I am interested to. Just dropping by to check the blogs I used to follow if there’s a good read then if none, I closed the tab right away.

A new story that hopefully I can continue writing, aside from being a self-proclaimed blogger, I am also a self proclaimed writer. Haha! (Lahat na lang.)

소유 (Soyou) – I Miss You – This song was the first song I love to hear every single day after I got my heart broken. I just love the meaning of the song! ❤

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When was the last time I wrote something in front of my laptop & actually posting it on my blog. About 5 months ago? Where I listed all of the current things that happened to me. I am laughing at myself right now because the time I wrote it, I am coping up with my emotions of sadness and loneliness. I hope you get what I mean. Around those time, I’m stressed out over something that I can’t really remember now. Lame. Then today as I am typing this, I feel nothing. Seriously. I feel empty. About my emotions. How I feel, what I really wanted, who am I or what’s the reason of my existence? I know I’m annoying as what is my point of putting this kind of sh*t on my blog wherein I should post all the great & happy moments I had in life. But I’m just also a human and there are times that not everything you wanted in life will work under your own will. You may be questioning me as what I am going through right now? What is my problem? Or what is this all about?

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The Sunday Currently: Vol. 6


Hello! I’m back. I don’t know where and how to start this blog post because to be honest, I’m excited that I got the chance to write again but at the same time, feeling sad because of what is happening with my life right now. I suffered from depression couple of weeks ago, I can’t focus on work & studies which end up thinking of taking my own life (but I didn’t coz I still love life smh) hopefully, I was able to cope up with the help of friends and prayers. Today, our family got the sad news from our relatives in province that my grandmother already passed away. I can’t believe that my Dad’s mom already flew to heaven to meet my grandpa and we’re not even there to hug her even in her last hours on earth.

Looking on the brighter side, I’m gonna post my Sunday currently on the blog today because I missed it and it’s a rest day for me at work & school (sembreak, yaayyy!)

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