It’s the 23rd of January and I’m typing my first blog post of the year using a very old keyboard attached to my trusty 7 year old laptop but still working perfectly fine if you’re gonna connect the charger to the main socket. I have plans on changing to a brand new laptop or at least a second hand laptop but I can’t (for now) since I have a lot of memories attached to this old laptop and I have to save for it. Well, I had the chance to write a blog post since I didn’t come in to work since Monday night because of flu. My mom said that I should go have myself check by a doctor but I didn’t, well this is necessary for us since our boss will ask for a medical certificate but I’m not gonna provide anything. If they will issue me a memo then fine, if not, thank you for considering my situation. Hehe, I’m perfectly fine now…I had so much sleep for the past two days and I think it will make me go through for the remaining 3 days at work.

I am working 5 days a week, 12 hours a day the maximum and 10 hours, the minimum and I have 2 days off from work which I guess is not really enough. I don’t know maybe because I don’t have enough vitamins to help me go through the stress in living everyday. My best of friends really know what I am going through in life right now and I don’t know if they feel pity of me or concerned about me but nonetheless, I thank them for being there when I needed them the most. Being the eldest, at the age of 24, I am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of the obligation and responsibility I had to go through.

I have 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother, the 2 youngest, a girl and a boy is still studying while my sister next to me just started her work and she’s not earning enough to cover for our expenses. While my Dad, an OFW retiree is staying at home and a tricycle driver at night (whenever he wants to) and my mom is just a plain housewife. They are all depending on me and that’s a big burden for me to carry all ALONE. I’m just trying to be strong at the days that I’m gonna breakdown because of a lot of problem at home. And maybe this is one of the reason I had to go through a break up because we (both) will be a burden of each other life thinking that my former partner has his own problems at home and I don’t want him to be like my outlet. They always say that I should go get myself a love life? Well, at this point of my life, I’m not yet ready. I have a lot of things in my plate that I should go through and finish them first before I can be ready for another phase of my life.

January didn’t started so well unlike for the others, I had a mental breakdown at the second day of January. When I say mental breakdown, my anxieties, insecurities, questions about my life came in just right before I am about to sleep before going to work at night and that’s not great. I had to come to work with my mask (face game on) so that my managers, teammates and agents won’t notice I have a problem. It happened almost every Monday afternoon and I am asking myself, what is this? Why I had to go through this? This started when I recently got promoted to a higher position and it has been 3 months since then. I’m still figuring out the new environment and how the system works in a corporate office. I’m starting to love/like the job that I have now and I really do hope that I can start to go with the flow in it.

Another thing that I didn’t started when January came in is to have myself a planner or journal for 2019. I did bullet journalling for 2018 and completed every month of it since I was able to score a dotted notebook before 2018 ends but not for this year. The notebook I’ve been eyeing on BDJ online store went sold out and I can’t find any similar to the previous notebook I have so I’ve decided to just have the January off for planning and just go with the flow. But I won’t be doing the same thing for February, I have plans and I wanted all of it to be written down in a notebook/journal. If I can go through maybe on Shoppee or Lazada, I would. I’m just a scared cat to shop online because of bogus seller or whatnot but hopefully I can ask for a friend’s help here. Hehehe! 😉

I really don’t have a main topic to talk about in this post, I just wanted to type what is currently going through my mind right now. And whoa, that’s a lot I guess! Since I don’t have a proper journal to write this down, why not blog about it just like the old days. My last post was saying Hi to the month of December, that’s about a month ago. Yeah, like what I’ve said there, I’ll be posting some backlogs I have on my draft probably two years ago and write some more. This is one of my goals this year, to be active on my blog and also be consistent on doing vlogging on Youtube. I know I don’t have any magic to be famous here and there but I just want to document my life in this high-tech era. Let’s see! 😉

Here’s to embracing, surviving and living the life that 2019 will bring us! See you,

Love ♥,



Hi, December!!!

Hello everyone!

Today marks the first day of December and I’m excited to get festive so that I can enjoy the holiday. 🎄 I am currently typing this post on my phone while I’m laying in bed, it’s the weekend so I’m seizing the day! I’m about to sleep in an hour and probably wake up in a Sunday morning? Let’s see.

How many times did I say this year that I terribly missed blogging!!! I only have few posts up this year because of adulting. But fear no more self, consistency is the key! Starting today and the coming days, I will be posting some of my drafts maybe about two years ago? And then I will update this blog about my life abouts now a days. But for now, I’ll stick with this kind of status update on the blog. I am also planning to get serious in vlogging (but not really) because editing videos really takes time. & most of the time I don’t have that because I am asleep all the time. Especially this time of the year that I’m currently spending my time at work for 12 hours! WTH right? Haaays, I just wanna go back to being an agent (I’ll make another post about it, soon).

So, that’s it for now! I hope you had a good first day of the last month of 2018 because I did in average. Hahaha! I’m gonna go to sleep so goodnight,morning or where you are right now. God bless you all 🌟


Love 💌,


The Sunday Currently: Vol. 9

TSC 2018.jpg

Hello guys!

Here’s another Sunday currently blog post and the first one for this year (2018)! Yeeeey! I missed blogging about the current things on a Sunday. I just finished editing a photo for my sister and here I am typing this post because I have spare time. I’ll be in the church later in the next hour so I am trying to finish this. Here we go;

I don’t have anything to read right now. In the past few years, I’ve come to realize that I’m really not into reading books but I did when I was younger. I’m into writing now but I really didn’t practice it enough. Maybe because I have a lot of hobbies I wanted to figure out with myself? I love baking, taking photos, editing photos & videos, drawing and many more! See? Hahaha!

This Sunday Currently on the laptop of my sister because my laptop doesn’t want to connect with any internet at home. Sucks!

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Life Lately

Hello wonderful people who randomly stumbled upon my blog! I may not know what leads you to visit here but I am glad that you did. I have been away from this blog for quite some time now because of personal reasons. I wanted to write but my mind and body is not cooperating and I guess the creativity inside me somehow is dead. I am recuperating from the time I was idle so I am going to update it with a life lately post.

I’ve been on the rocks since last year 2017 has started, my long term boyfriend and I broke up and I wasn’t very vocal about it here but I was able to write a short update about it here. It was a drastic change in my life and I swear it is very hard for me to actually go on with my life. But with the help of my friends, family and co-workers, I did and I was able to move forward with my life little by little. I did travel a lot, went out with friends, spent time with my family by doing grocery shopping etc. I am doing great so far and I am very blessed and forever grateful with the people who have been there for me through thick and thin.

Now that we’re half way through 2018, I decided to visit the blog and post an update of something here. To be honest, I forgot how to do this or how to blog about what’s happening lately so let’s tackle this in a bullet form of way? I am also writing this on a different laptop since I am having issues with my own laptop and I don’t know if I can take pictures in there and upload it here. Ah, why it is so hard. 😢 But let’s push this through. I also don’t have a work today because of 4th of July! 🇺🇸  so I have enough time, hehe.

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I haven’t been able to write a proper blog post since the beginning of this year or even last year. I wasn’t able to post my 2017 highlights which kinda sucks and it’s almost the end of March that I remember visiting my blog. I remember seven years ago, I am always eager to write something, may it be a rant, a story to tell, love life (which always sucks) & etc. I am always game of sharing it. But now, I don’t know what happened with my old self. I am also writing this post on my phone because we have decided to have our internet line disconnected (PH internet provider company sucks big time!) so I’m always using regular data on my phone. “Ang gastos, pramis!”

There’s a lot of things happened to me from last year which I am excited to share with you guys (idk if someone is reading my blog,haha!) But I may need to talk about it on my next blog post. Hehe, I’m gonna try to recover some old photos because I have to transfer them all to my laptop from phone. Who doesn’t love a clean files on their phone in the beginning of the year, right?

I only posted three blog posts last year maybe because I am still trying to be on my own. Well, you know this girl has been with a major heartbreak she never knew will happen to her. If you’re asking how am I doing now, I am perfectly fine. And some trivia, I somehow fell inlove again before 2017 ends but got my heart broken again in the beginning of 2018. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Such a lame girl, I know! But that’s more bearable than my first heartbreak, oh well let’s not talk about it. Gahd! I miss blogging seriously. I will definitely try my best to sit on my laptop next time and try to write all the things I wanted to share on my blog. I also need to do some tweak here and there. I remember transferring my Tumblr post here so it will be a great nostalgia trip next time! 😊

So guys, till next time!

Love ❤,