I would like to thank you everyone who supported this blog, the giveaway and the blogger itself. 🙂 With the bottom of my heart, I’m really, really grateful. ❤ I do hope that you guys will join again in my future giveaways/contests. 🙂

Thank you to those who liked the giveaway entry (even if I specifically said not to like it, hahaha!), who reblogged it, advertised it and so on. This is, by far, the most successful giveaway ever. 🙂

To our sponsors (Asian VogueExtreme Finds, and Woah Designs), thank you so much for supporting us in this contest. Also, I love your products! ❤

As for my guy followers (I can’t believe guys follow my blog, don’t you find my blog too girly? Hahaha!), I’ve made a mental note to throw a giveaway exclusively for you rough men! Please do watch out for it! 😉 


I really want to use Luck of the Draw app to determine the winner but that app is better if I have less than 10 people joining. Having 200+ entries is simply insane. So I’ve decided to stick with the original plan: use! 🙂 

Out of 278 people who (validly) joined the contest, the following people were lucky enough to take home the prizes:

Congratulations to all of you! 🙂 You guys will receive an e-mail or whatsoever regarding your items. 

Yay! It’s Urquia not Urquica ❤ I WON? Seriously? :)))) Thanks Ate Kisty! 


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