Something new…

Hello guys! ❤

I am now back into the serious business of blogging,boom! I deleted yesterday my old post way back February 2010,including the reblogs,photos,lovestories and even my Project 365,I deleted them all. I have a hard time thinking if I should deactivate my blog and start a new one or deleting all my post from then;and I chose the option #2. I have no regrets by deleting all my posts,instead I feel so fresh about my blog. Clean & new! Well,I left some of my post,the one who’s important: the giveaway reblogs! Hahaha. 🙂

Anyway,I have plans about this tumblog. I want to be more organized when it comes to blogging,enough of the drama ( and enough for posting negative things on my blog. Negativity ruins your positive aura. Well,this idea came in to my mind,I refresh this blog because I want to inspire others,to be inspired by others and share positive thoughts & ideas. I’m excited to start posting & blogging here,again! Oh,if you don’t know. I also have a blog in WordPress,I blog there randomly. Hihihi :‘3

Let me share my plans about this blog:

  • Project 52 Year 2012
  • More decent photographs
  • DIY’s
  • Personal events in my life.

There you go,let the positive vibes came in! 🙂



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