Exams is over. Disappointed with my grades & activities in school. Always late. My scholarship is not yet done. I need to finish the papers to pass. Oh,what is life?

Looking at the bright side,yesterday is a happy day. I’m with my boyfriend,Jervin the whole day. Such a brat girlfriend that I don’t want him to go home until we finish watching the movie he watch last time. He insist that I should watch it so I did. Haha 🙂

Tom Cruise is the main character of that movie & the movie titled is “The Last Samurai” showed 9 years ago. The time I’m watching that movie,I am amazed with Tom’s face. He’s so gorgeous! :“> Fan girl mode. Hihihi. We finished watching the movie around 7pm,and boyfriend needs to go home na kasi 8am in the morning in school,magkasama na kami. 🙂

A photo last Wednesday. I took this at the back of our house,wild flowers. I need to practice the focus setting in my camera. Hihi :‘3


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