It turns out as a date…

2012 seems to be a great year for me & for Jervin,the boyfriend. We rarely go on date when we were on our first year but now,ohemgee! Hihihi :‘3

Nageeffort na ang mokong,namimiss ko yung mga love letters niya dati. HAHAHA! 🙂

Anyway,when he will about to send me home (we went to our OJT work,that’s why) ,I asks him if I could buy myself an ice cream at 7-Eleven because I feel I like to eat ice cream! I’m going to get a Cornetto ice cream but then he insist that he’s hungry so he bought a 2 Bigbite so I never get a chance to buy a Cornetto. Huhuhu T^T But I’m still thankful. 🙂

He also bought water for the drinks. After eating this yummy treat from 7-Eleven,I ask him if he wants to eat an ice cream,not the Cornetto but the Sundae Cone of 7-Eleven. He agreed. Then I saw a “fried isaw” near the store and I crave for more. I bought 4 pcs. and syempre share kami ni boyfriend. Yikes! We’re so takaw like that! 🙂 

And yes,as the title said,it turns out as a date because my only plan is to buy an ice cream & I didn’t expect that we will eat a lot. Hahaha 🙂

I’m happy for this day! Thank you,God ❤


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