Birthday Wishlist

Since my birthday is coming in 3 months,I decided to make a wishlist for my birthday. I wish I was able to buy these all before my birthday,haha! 😀 (Ugh. Hindi kami mayaman) Boom! 

  • Van’s Women’s Shoes – because I want to be boyish sometime,haha! 🙂
  •  Puuuuuuuuummmpppssss! – I miss wearing high heels shoes,the last time I wore a shoes like this was last year 2008? Second year highschool. *coughs* I’m small na kasi ngayon kaya need ko ito. Anyone would like to give me pumps like those on the picture? ;)) 
  • Sandals – I’m not a shoe addict no?
  • Messenger bags! – I super duper need this because I have plenty of kits to bring when I go to school. And it’s so FASHION *u*
  • Pink lipstick – Ugggghhhhh. :“> Need to say?
  • Samsung S3653W – Because my N73 phone is dying,I need a replacement. I don’t know if I’ll get it before my birthday or it will serve as a Christmas gift from Dad. Yipppppeeeee! 😉

Greet me on April 9,2012 ha? Hihihi :‘3 


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