Hello February!

10 days from now,my blog will turn 2 years old! I’m excited. What to do? What to do? I don’t know if I’m going to set a giveaway or what. Hahaha,feelingera lang ako! 🙂

Anyway,this is how my first day of the love month went. 

  • Woke up late and I didn’t go to my morning shift of work.
  • I decided to go to work at noon,around 1pm.
  • I met my former highschool classmate,Glecy at the jeep!
  • Work,work,work + bonding moments with the boyfriend ♥
  • Fishball merienda,treat ni boyfriend ulit ☺
  • 5pm,out.
  • Boyfriend bought (again) fried isaw,his latest favorite now.Haha ☺
  • Home. 
  • Boyfriend stays at home for 1 hour,bonding moments. ♥
  • He left,dinner & internet! 

Productive isn’t it? Haha. How do you guys spend your February 1 so far? 🙂


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