Gloomy weather!

I love the weather today,if only I can stay in my comfort zone and watch movies I would be the happiest couch potato girl *u* But I can’t because I have to work,OJT. And I still haven’t review for the upcoming hell day,our TESDA exam. Ugh “-_- 

Bullets from my yesterday!

  • Woke up really late,I think that’s 10:30am (?)
  • My usual wake up time now a days is 9:30am. Haha! 
  • I didn’t ate breakfast because I was a lazy girl back then.
  • Cooked lunch because Mom and siblings is not around.
  • Helped my friend to finish decorating our church because we have a Valentines party.
  • Made a Valentine card for my friends. Creativity explodes! ☺
  • Had an argument with the boyfriend and I thought it was the end of our relationship. But it’s not.
  • I feel sad and lonely till now because of what happened yesterday.
  • My mind is flying (do really mind,flies?) and not set on the preach of our Pastor,I was thinking of my boyfriend that time and it sucks! 
  • Back to reality,Pastor gave messages about the lovers and the lovers of God. It gives me  hope and it also helped to take down my pride for the sake of our relationship.
  • After the Sunday mass,I ate a lot like a piggy! This is the outcome of being a heartbroken girl even for an hour. 
  • Cleaned my messy room. It looks like a trash can for a week! 😐 :))
  • Watch PBB Unlinight because I hate watching Charice on GMA7,I don’t know why. Sorry for the fans! Peace out `yo! 🙂 
  • Also watch GGV for the second time and my tummy hurts laughing because of Vice Ganda,FTW! :bd
  • Upload photos then sleep!
  • What a great Sunday spends.
  • Till next entry bullets!
  • ~END~

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