How my rainy & unproductive Monday went. It’s already been told of the photos above! 

Laying in my bed was such the greatest feeling I have today,coping up with this unnecessary feeling which leads me to broke up again with my boyfriend (I  guess I’m being a bipolar kid,again.) But he didn’t let me to do that,he actually escape from their house just to visit me and pays attention with my bipolar mood now a days. Well,what a sweet gesture! ❤

And oh,while waiting for him,my godson is home around at 3pm and we did played in the midst of the rain. How cute is our hands! *u* Also took picture of raindrops (fail) in our window. And what a good news for my sister,she’s now part of their drum & lyre club! She also got her new lyre instrument and while I’m typing this,she’s playing with it. 

I also watched “My Sassy Girl” the English version,I know. What a funny,drama and happy ending love story of Jordan and Charlie! I love the character of Jordan,might do as well a movie review about this old movie. Yikes! 😉 Hooray for being absent for my OJT work,the lazy weather keeps me to stay in the bed all morning! 


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