Though I didn’t make it,I’m proud! :bd

I’m blessed and I’m proud of it. Yes,though I failed I feel I’m like a passer of the hell exam we took last Thursday and yesterday.

Before going to school that Thursday morning,I prayed hard to God to give me wisdom for that exam and he never failed me. He was there when the exam start and I feel so great about it. Talagang mararamdaman mo yung presence niya kasi you’re confident na magagawa mo ito kahit hindi naman talaga.

Friday morning,I also prayed,A LOT. And I believe I can do it again,the fighting spirit! And God was my angel that day,he helped me once again but I’m the one who quit after 3 hours of doing that exam but it’s okay. It was a really hard exam,for me and I regret no thing for not passing for that exam. I know God didn’t allow me to pass the exam and I know he has the best things for me 😉

Praise his name ♥ 


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