Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga

Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga (aka The Asiong Salonga Story) is the fourth movie to dramatize the life and times of Tondo’s notorious gang leader who ruled from the late 1940s until his untimely death in 1951, at age 27.

Just like the first version, which was released in 1961 starring former President Joseph Estrada (the second, with Rudy Fernandez, in 1977 and the third, with George Estregan Jr., in 1990), the current one is filmed in black and white purportedly to capture the look and mood of Asiong’s era.

Genre: Action

Rating: 10/10

Watched this last last week because I feel I have to watch this. Yeah,I know. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to movies because I’m not a movie addict. #fact/  

Manila Kingpin aired last December 2011 and I didn’t know that Manila Kingpin was an entry for the MMFF. Failed! (Late bloomer nga `eh.) But when I hear the rap song of Gloc-9 entitled “Hari ng Tondo” and my brother was singing it,I became curious about the song and I researched about Hari ng Tondo. Wow,effort! And I came up with this video: link

This is the first time that I’ve seen a black and white film on the big screen,and it was too awesome! The life of Asiong is indeed a very interesting story of a gangster life. The action,politics,funny and very dangerous life was all here plus also her wife is too awesome in this movie,because it’s the very beautiful Carla Abellana. What would you like to look for pa in an action movie?

To be honest,I’m not a fan of an action movie because I’m a nice girl `ya know? But when I watched it’s trailer I became interested about it. The part I love in this movie was the funny moment when it was Asiong’s burial,when Ketchup Eusebio rode on a bicycle and tried to shot their enemies. Haha!

Other than that,the movie did a great job! And from now on,I’m an action movie fan na :bd 

“Akin ang lupang ito!" 

"Hindi kay Asiong!”


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