Happy Birthday,Pastor! :”>

The cake my aunt and I bought in the bakery somewhere in the city market. Ugly lettering is ugly but the cake was so delicious :p~

It was our church Pastor’s birthday last March 22 and we only celebrate it today because everyone was busy minding their own business that day. Mom and Tita Norie prepared foods for the church members for the simple “salo-salo” after the Sunday service. We greeted first our very kind-hearted Pastor,sang him a birthday song and have him blow his candle. After the cake blowing,everyone started to get their food and that was a very good food! :bd

Happy Birthday,Pastor! Without you,I don’t know where I am today. You’re the one who brought Jesus Christ in our hearts and we’re very lucky to have you! More birthdays to celebrate,we love you! :* 🙂


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