Enchanting moments [Part 1]

Celebrated my 18th birthday last Monday and I had so much fun. It was the best moment in my life,I’m so blessed and thankful for that wonderful party. So tiring but I had super kaduper so much fun,TALAGA! Hahaha :))))) ❤

The stage! Special thanks to Kuya Jay-r for the wonderful stage he designed for me! Yay! :))))) ❤

My beautiful cute cousin,Joy! Hi thurrrr litol gurl,you’re so fluffy,I’m gonna die! :“> :)))))

Me before going out in the party. 🙂

My two beautiful emcee’s. Ahem,handsome pala yung isa 😀

Waiting for my escort to join me in the stage. Haha! Such a bad boyfriend 😛 Chos!

My youthmates played a mini skit about how I will celebrate my birthday. It was a funny skit and I enjoyed it so much. Look at Kuya Jomar playing as me. Hahaha! Such a cutie :”>

My sister as one of my 18 balloons. I love her dress :“> ❤

Oh,my cutie pie cousin once again! :”>

Anddddd… my favorite godson ever! :“> ❤ ❤ ❤


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