Enchanting moments [Part 2]

Lets continue what I’ve been blogging about my birthday! Here’s the other photos during my birthday.

My uncle as one of my 18 roses,because my Dad is not around,he’s the one who danced me first.

My brother as one of my 18 roses. Bunso,you’re so gwapo here! :“>

My boyfriend’s bestfriend,Jhorell. He’s so makulit! 😀

Me with the makulit bestfriend of my boyfriend and one of my classmate in gradeschool,Ar-ar. He’s so makulit too and super duper kenkoy! 😀

And with my long hair boyfriend. Hahaha,magpagupit ka na nga! I love this picture :”>

Mae,one of my 18 candles that night 🙂

And Vernice also! :“>

Ate Glo,my Ate! The one who did my make-up and she’s also one of my candles. I love her speech,kung pwede ko lang sana irecord lahat ng messages nila. 😦 :)))

Oh Hi thurrrr,Rims! Thank you sa super duper cute gift mo! I love it ❤ 

Abby! My bestfriend in highschool. I miss you,girl :”>

Blowing of the candles. Whoa,I love this shot! Ang ganda lang ng likod ko :“> :”> :“> Hahaha! 🙂

My delicious cake. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate chips and marshmallows inside! Love my Auntie & Uncle for giving me this awesome cake! ❤ ❤ ❤


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