Summer Plans:

  • Go on a vacation in Iba,Zambales with my family or friends.
  • Do my Starter’s Exercise Plan,daily.
  • Lose my belly fats for 2 months. Sit-ups!!!!
  • Teach the children for the DVBS next week,that would be April 16-21.
  • Do the anniversary tarpaulin for the church.
  • Finish my clearance and requirements in school.
  • Also my requirements in scholarship.
  • Go to AMA University to have my requirements for my ladderized course which is IT.
  • Spend time with my boyfriend once a week.
  • Read books. More books!
  • Movie marathon! Mostly chick flicks *U*
  • More chapters for Thinking of You.
  • Clean my room. Specifically,change the curtains in my room.
  • Keep my blogs updated. 
  • Be organized and productive.
  • Start the Youth fellowship maybe this week or next week.
  • Limit my time in front of Francheska,my laptop.
  • Take more photos,the decent one!
  • Learn how to cook. Specifically,the main dish like sinigang & tinolang manok. My favorite! ❤
  • Go on a thrift shopping with my Mom.
  • Print my 18th birthday photos and compile them in a photo album. And also my graduation photos!
  • Go on a swimming and enjoy the rest of my summer! 

What is EXCITED? ❤


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