Day 2 – My crush.

Dear Oguri Shun,

Because your my latest addiction,haha! Note the addiction. Not really. I love you! :*

I love you because you’re a cutie pie,I love you because of your hair,I love how you smile and how you project as a hunk hot man even though…ugh. Hahaha! I still love you. I really really do! *u*

The first time I saw you in Crow Zero,I really adore the astig vibes inside you. You portrait the Genji bad boy look and it’s really cute! Oo,abnormal ako kasi nagustuhan ko yung bad boy impact mo,mas bagay kasi sayo. (Biglang nagtagalog..Haha!)

I hope to see you soon though it’s impossible but I’m satisfied na seeing you in internet. I wish you goodluck in your new life being a husband of Yamada Yu. You two look great together. I will watch Binbo Danshi as soon as possible,gusto ko kayong makita real life couple sa movie na yun! 

I heart you! ♥


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