Day 5 – My dreams.

Dear Dreams,

Okay. I have this dream that hunts me from my past. It was my ex-crush,he’s been visiting me *in my dreams* in the last four days and I was so confused. Our lovestory happened four years ago and nothing is mutual with us now. We’re good friends and I’m used to it na from the start. 

Enough of the drama. Haha! Hi,ex-crush! You know how much I love you when we were in our highschool days and that love fades away,2 years from now. I just wanna say thank you kasi kung hindi mo ko sinaktan noon,I will never meet my very handsome cutie pie boyfriend na selos na selos sayo 😛 Halata naman. Hahaha! I hope na one day,if ever we meet at may kanya-kanya na tayong buhay,maging friends pa rin tayo. Kasi you’ve been a big part of my life. And I’ll treasure it. ♥

Alam mo naman ang endearment chuchu natin diba as friends diba?



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