Near yet so far…

I have a mixed emotions right now. Yes,it’s about my life. My lovelife to be exact. 

Two weeks from now,I will enter my new Alma Mater,the AMA College in Pasig. And I’m not excited yet I’m so scared. I don’t know what it has to offer me,the fact that it’s far from my house & boyfriend will never be my classmate again because he’s going to work na yata. So,paano na ako?

The point with this,“hindi kasi ako sanay na wala siya sa tabi ko.” Our lovestory started when I first stepped the ACLC-Taytay campus. And ngayon na graduate na kami,paano na? Hindi ko na alam. Natatakot ako sa mga bagay-bagay na pwedeng mangyari. Sino ba namang hindi? Pero this is life. We have to deal with it & I should trust my boyfriend and I know he loves me a lot and when I say a lot,it’s a loooooooooottttttttttttt. T.T  Diba wishy? :*

I really don’t know what to do now,I know God is in control & he’s the center of our relationship so I should trust him. He will never disappoint me. So go on…life is beautiful. ☺


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