Choosing Tuesday.

It was a fine Tuesday,nothing happened so special. It’s a typical ordinary day for me. I woke up late,my sister wake me up because there’s a letter for me. I opened it and it came from the bank,I should pay my credits na daw! loljoke. It was only a brochure & a thank you letter because I opened a savings account at their bank two weeks ago. I didn’t ate brunch and I only had two cups of coffee that afternoon,yes afternoon because it’s 12:10 when I woke up. And I’m a coffee addict,fyi.

Printed my resume yesterday because I badly need to work now because of some financial issues. I have to cover my surname because its a big secret,haha! Hm,related to this post I’ve search for an online part-time job for an hour and I found nothing. Huhu,poor me. But I still have my hopes that someday I’ll find a good job. 

The rest of the afternoon spends by doing household chores,blogging,tweeting & playing Sims 3. At 5pm,I stopped doing things and watched It Started with A Kiss on GMA. I remember watching this when I was first year high school and these series was on ABS-CBN before. I super love Joseph Jang! He’s a cutie! :“>

Ate lugaw for dinner,Mom is a goooooooood chef! Happy tummy right now. ☺

Tuesday was supposed to be the returning of the graduation gown at school but boyfriend and I had these personal problems and we have to postponed it. So tomorrow will be our date. Chaaroooot!~ Hahaha.

Good evening,sweethearts! How was your day? ♥


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