A lazy afternoon…

The plan of going to school at 1pm was postponed,again. Boyfriend forgot to ask money from his Mommy and I got annoyed. We had this little fights but everything is okay now. Hoping tomorrow will be a good day,pretty please.

I got nothing to do so I decided to draw something and I get this one.

She looks like Bubbles of Power Puff Girls. Yes,I’m a fan of PPG back to my childhood years. I quoted the phrase “Life is beautiful,smile!” It is! Life is beautiful if we can see the beauty in it. I added the word “smile” because I got annoyed with my boyfriend so I have to remind myself to smile. ☺

I want to add colors to my drawings but I can’t because I’m still asking my Mom if she can get me a prang watercolors & a better drawing pad. I know Mom will refuse to my request because prang is too price-y but still,I’m going to ask her for this. Hahaha! Call me a brat,yes I am.

The rest of the afternoon spends by playing Sims 3,twittering,blogging & soundtrip. And now,I’m off to do some household.

How was your day,guys? ♥


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