And I’m back…

Hello guys! Sorry for being MIA for two days,I’ve been busy escorting my Mom to go shopping for my siblings school supplies & also shop for my necessities. It was a fun day though it’s a hassle carrying a lot of plastic bags while walking through the mall. Here’s a picture of what I bought for myself.

Pants,2 tops & a new shoes; this is what I’m going to use for my first day of school next week. I’m nervous! 😐 I also got a lace foot cover,a new home slippers & a new optical mouse for Francheska (my laptop). The feeling of getting new stuffs is really great. :bd

And in the other note,I finally got the chance to enhance my artsy side of me. Mom bought a new cheap watercolor & a new paint brush for me,I already used it in one of my artworks & it turns out great though it’s still  unfinished.

If you’re reading my post,you know that I’m dying to have a prang but suddenly I changed my mind because it’s too price-y from what I expect! 3 colors for 200 bucks? NO WAY. Ugh! -___- I thought it’s only 300 bucks for 12 colors,poor me.

Anyway,5 days left for my vacation and I’m not yet ready. Huhuhu,I’m still in shock of graduating in my 2 year course and I’ll be missing my friends in that institute! A reunion please? Oh well,I’ll be missing too my boyfriend. I don’t know if he will be continuing his studies in the same college I will be studying. I’m hoping. *crosses fingers* xx.


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