Our new baby!

Say ‘Hi!~’ to our new baby in the house. Her name is Arianne and yes,she’s our first baby girl. Mom doesn’t want a girly pet because it will bring a lot of babies specially cats & dogs but since this girl is just too cute to resist,Mom finally agreed to have her! ♥

Our very first baby dog died last April 29 (see this post) and because we love dogs,I have to asked our neighbor if they can give me this cute little girl and they didn’t hesitate to say YES. We finally have her last May 2,2012 and it will be her birthday,forever! 

Arianne is a super duper jolly dog,she will never get tired of playing,and she’s an annoying dog for our baby cats. Hahaha! She’s a bitch playmate of Saab! Teehee ☺

I hope she will stay with us forever. As in no death please? Because I actually love her na,a lot! 😦 🙂


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