When I turned on the TV this morning, there was an argument about Lady Gaga’s concert in the Philippines. Let me just blog about the topic. In my opinion, I don’t want/like/need Lady Gaga in the Philippines. She’s a demon in disguise for me. How could a young lady do those stuff that lusts people, diminish our Christian faith, & persuade people with her song. I mean, those song wouldn’t help us. It doesn’t inspires us. It doesn’t make us feel good. For me, her songs are like prayers to Satan. We might just say those are just songs.. But every song has a meaning.

You see, she’s very popular now. She’s heard in televisions, radios, people buy & download her albums, etc. It is because Satan is in control to spread his words & not the Words of God, with Lady Gaga, a popular artist, as an instrument. She entertain most of us, of course, but it just tell us that we really enjoy Satan’s message! Christianity should remain in our hearts! We must spread faith in God! There should be concerts that will inspire us, draw us nearer to God. Not this kind of concert Lady Gaga seduces people. Ugh.

This is just my opinion okay? My blog anyway. Just wanna share what I think it is all about.

BE TRUE TO THE FAITH.GOD BLESS THIS POST, I super agree with this!! We don’t need her here, she will just brainwash us! Just bring other artists/bands here like One Direction or something! Hahaha! 


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