Day 19 – Someone that pesters my mind—good or bad

Dear Ex,

I know you can’t read this but I just want to warn you,please stop acting like we’re best friends. Asking me to help you move on with our past relationship? Oh c’mon! We hate each other,don’t you forget? Yes,it’s not a big deal for me but please,don’t ask for help with that matter. You can do it yourself. I have now my own life & you have too so please use your life wisely. That’s all. Thank you! ☺

 Day 20 – The one that broke my heart the hardest

Dear Boyfriend,

Remember last May 22,2012 12:07am? You broke up with me. First I thought it was only a joke because you’re really mad at me. But then one hour pass,I tried to accept the fact that you’re not in-love with me anymore. I was ready to let you go but then you changed your mind at 01:27am. I’m really happy that you broke the saying “Men’s only have one word.” Meaning if they said it,you have to deal with it. I love you for that. I hope that will be our last big fight. I love you & I will always. ♥

Day 21 – Someone I judged by their first impression

Dear Mommy Seth,

Yes,ikaw nga! Teehee ☺ Akala ko ang sungit mo nung una,Mommy. Remember? Your our first seatmate ni Angelica and siya pa lang yung nakakavibes mo nung una kasi natatakot nga ako sayo nun,baka kasi isnabin mo ko. Alam na,takot ako mapahiya sayo kasi you looked mature enough & anytime you will make taas-taas your kilay to me. Hihihi. But then,everything’s change,we became good friends & you treat me like your sister. I thank God for meeting you,Mommy Seth! I love you :*

Day 22 – Someone I want to give a second chance to

Dear Sandro,

Hi ! Wala akong maisip na bigyan ng second chance if ever kaya ikaw na lang. No,not the second chance in love because past na yun eh. I want to give you second chance for our friendship before. Yung friendship na super duper close tayo,na anytime in class katabi kita. Third year high school, close friends tayo nun eh. Sinasabi ko sayo lahat even the one I have a crush on. Namiss ko iyon!

I hope maging ganun ulit tayo kahit minsan na lang tayo magkita. And thank you for making my birthday last April a memorable one,lahat kayo na nakasama ko for the overnight on my birthday. Thank you! 🙂

Day 23 – The last person I kissed

Dear Boyfriend,

I love you! :* Thank you for coming in to my life. ♥ 

Day 24 – The person that gave me my favorite memory

Dear Family,Friends & boyfriend,

All of you,I want to thank you all kasi everyday in my life,you gave me my favorite memory. My family who keeps me laugh even you know I’m crying inside. My friends that hate me a lot because of my katarayan & love me because of who I am. Teeheee ☺ And to my boyfriend who keeps on fighting me & making treasured memories with me. I love you all :* 

May the Lord God gave us more beautiful memories together! Have a blessed life! ♥

Because I forgot to blog about this,I will blog it in one post. Thank you for bearing with me and please do check my blog,I have a new theme! Yay! ☺


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