• I’m still up at 2:30am because we have an overnight. I decided to sleep at 3am because I need to catch up things with boyfriend. Teehee ♥
  • Mom woke me up at 9 because we need to go to my Alma Mater to get my honorable dismissal & good moral.
  • We arrived there at 10:30 because I’m so bagal kumilos like that. Went to registrar and payed for the papers.
  • Left the school at 11 and we have a 2 hour ride to my new Alma Mater,AMA Computer College-Pasig.
  • Went to the admission to submit my requirements,I still have to complete it on Monday.
  • We were also there to pay for my school bills but since we arrived there at lunch time,Mom & I went to Pavilion Mall to have our lunch.
  • Inside the mall,Mom & I were had this argument on what chain we were going to eat. I prefer KFC but she prefer Jollibee so we end up at Jollibee,no choice ‘eh.
  • After lunch,we decided to stroll the mall & when the clock strikes at 1pm,we went back to the campus.
  • I payed my bills all by myself,independent here! loljoke 😛
  • Also got my ID processed,got my USN & student password for online processing eklavu of the campus. Hihi :’>
  • Before going home,Mom & I went to this salon to had my hair relaxed,It was my first time by the way. It looks good for the very first time,I dunno tomorrow. Hahaha!
  • Bought some necessities & food then went home.
  • I had a very good day though I’m still missing someone. I hope Jervin will go here by tomorrow,I want to spend time with him before I go to school on Monday.

One day left and my vacation is over! 😦


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