First day of school!

  • I woke up 4:30am in the morning,as usual Mom woke me up. 
  • Took a bath,ate breakfast and checked my things if I forgot something. 
  • Leave the house at 6:15am.
  • I waited for the jeep for about 15 minutes. Funny thing,kung hindi ako nakipagunahan sa mga commuters,siguro late ako darating sa school! Haha! ☺
  • And another funny thing,the jeep I rode re-routed its way. Imbis na sa mismong sa street ako ng campus bababa,umikot pa ako ng bonggang-bongga at naglakad ng pagkalayo-layo!
  • Thank God,I was 10 minutes early and we’re only 4 in the classroom that time.
  • Webcast for our first subject. Mrs. Mer Villamayor was our subject facilitator,ugh -___- Feeling ko,nakakatakot ang subject na ito.
  • After the webcast class,I met Claudette and she’s fine. I think I’m going to befriend her! 
  • Second was Trigo. I think our prof’s name is Aaron (?) I forgot! Haha.
  • I’m not okay with Trigo,madali lang naman siguro yung triangle chuchu na yun basta nakikinig ka pero yung feeling na yung Prof mo,english ng english hindi mo naman maintindihan kasi ipit na nga ang boses ang hina pa! 
  • 1 hour vacant,I also met Paul. He’s okay and ang dali nilang pakisamahan although medyo nangangapa pa ako sa kanila. We ate at the Burger Machine for merienda.
  • And lastly,Speech Communication. Di ko feel ang classmates ko dun. Huhu ;___; The prof who met up with us is only a substitute teacher so I don’t think if I’m going to enjoy this subject,noted that it was my favorite subject! D:
  • Went home feeling fine and excited. Why? I went to boyfriend’s house to finally see and spend time with him.
  • The one week and two days of not seeing each other was all worth it. Sinulit ko talaga makasama siya,haha! ❤
  • Before he send me home,nagpunta muna kami sa bahay ng Mom niya. Ate merienda with him and I had fun.
  • I ask him if he can reformat my Francheska because it’s so bagal na. Thank God he did! I love you :* 
  • He went home at 10 and I sleep at 12 because I’m busy updating my Francheska. I woke up at 1pm & slept again 😐
  • All in all,masaya ang naging first day ko though ang boring ng second day kasi sa bahay lang ako. ☺

Note: The picture above was my midnight snack last Sunday,Mango Salad! Sweet milk + Mango = Yummy treat! ♥


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