Hello month of June! Hello school month!

Just a quick update on my neglected blog. I’m expecting this one,to neglect my blog during school days. Oohh,the real college life. Waking up early in the morning,rode on a jeepney for about an hour and a half,stress in school works & making new friends in my new campus. Actually,I’m really having a hard time because I don’t have friends there,actually I met someone and we’re in the acquaintance stage of being friends. I’m thankful to met her.

The first week I’ve stayed in my new campus is really hard specially when you’re an irregular student. You have to enter different classrooms in different section and the feeling that they’ve known each other and you is silently waiting for them to approach you,FOREVER ALONE feeling! Anyway,I have to conquer this feeling. I have to be independent,no one will be there for me saying “Ayusin mo nga yang damit mo.” “Bakit nakaganyan ka?” “Umayos ka nga,para kang bata.” “Tandaan mo,wala ka sa inyo." Boyfriend’s tagline! 🙂

The first day of June for me was really fine.

  • Went to school at 9am.
  • Met up with our Prof in Trigonometry.
  • One hour break.
  • Claudette and I ate at Jollibee,we ordered fries and burger.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes for our next class.
  • We have to separate because we attend different class at 11-12pm.
  • Speech Communication,met up with my section C2.
  • They’ve known each other and I’m FOREVER ALONE.
  • Not excited for Monday. Our group have to report and I don’t even know who my group is.
  • The guy in the jeepney is really annoying. I hate people who sleep in the jeepney and feeling nila,nasa kwarto sila nakahiga! Tsktsk 😐
  • Went home safe and okay though it’s very tiring.
  • I love the rainy day today! ♥



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