Guess who? Yes,I’m bored.

The rain ruined the plan I have for today so I’m expecting to happen it by tomorrow. My boyfriend planned to visit here today because its our 22nd monthsary but as I’ve said,the rain ruined it so I have to be a lady couch potato today. He promised that he’ll be going here by tomorrow to celebrate our postponed monthsary celebration. Hm,I’m expecting him to come here by 5pm,as always.

On the other note,I should be studying now for Trigo because I didn’t get how to compute the degree in to decimal in calculator! Yes,I’m a big poor in Math,I’m expecting this one. The last sem I took Math was in first year college so I didn’t even know how to compute formulas already! Have to study tomorrow and I also have loads of work,I’m a part-time layout designer at home. Yippeee! 🙂

Goodnight pretty people! ❤



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