Day 30 – My reflection in the mirror

Dear You,

Why are you crying? Is that a tears of joy or tears of pain. I know you cried lately now,and I also know the reason why. You can’t blame him for treating you like that because it’s his habit. You know how he talks with the other girls,right? Just like that. The difference from you is he have feelings for you and the problem is he didn’t know how to take care of you.

I’m hoping you’ll find another guy who will treat you right. Pssssshhh,stop crying. Maybe he’s only attracted to you but didn’t love you. Girl,you have to be strong. No matter what happens,you’ll be strong enough to handle the pain. He didn’t know how you love him that much,he didn’t know how you put efforts on your relationship. And yes,you’re crying because of that fucking relationship. Please stop there crying right now.

That man you loved? Will suffer a lot,thrice the pain you have now. Forget about that,for now. Everything will be okay. Just put your faith to God. ♥


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