Say “Hi” to my wavy hair now. Got my hair relaxed a week ago and my wavy hair is coming back! Wrong choice. Having a love and hate relationship with my hair. </3

And not only with my hair but also to my schedule. I have a morning schedule and I’m  loving it because it’s no hassle for me to go home late but then in the morning,gah! It will be very difficult to ride on a jeepney especially when it’s Monday. Thank God that my place is the jeepney’s pick up passengers zone,sometimes

This school week is a disaster,I’m twice absent for Trigo & Econo,once in Speech Comm and I’m always late! And it is because of my sleeping pattern,I’m a nocturnal and I’m used to it so I have to adjust from now on. Ohmy,I can’t! I need discipline,discipline & discipline! D:

I’m sorry for the negativity issues with this post,please bear with me because I’m really having a hard time in my new school. But thank God for a long weekend,I’m not sure if it’s going to be a long weekend? My school didn’t announce something like that. Gaaaaaahh! 😐


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