Independence Day!

Spend the Independence Day with my Mom & sister. We first went to my Tita’s 17th birthday,yes I have a Tita who’s younger than me and not one but twins! T^T So here’s my gift for them.

Aren’t they beautiful? *envy me*

After greeting them a Happy Birthday,we leave 30 minutes after. We still need to buy a charger for my Franchie and pay for our internet bill. Before heading to the mall,we visit first my grandmother who’s been in the hospital for 3 consecutive days. My Mom was my grandmother’s favorite when it comes to massaging her whole body. I even helped my Mom massaged my grandma! I’m now a therapist,yay! Lol ūüėÄ

A gift from my two auntie’s,a wristwatch! Oh,it’s from my other auntie’s btw. I have plenty of auntie’s so I’m sorry if I twisted your minds. Hahaha! :> Finally wore it last Tuesday (Independence Day) because my 7 months wristwatch died already.

Went to mall. Asked the shop there if they have charger for my Franchie and they said yes but they need my laptop to check if it’s compatible with it and because I’m not a girl scout,I forgot to bring my laptop! Before going back home,Mom and I eat at McDonald’s,we tried not to eat there because we have…or we are on diet. Joke! ^_^V But we can’t resist. Ordered fillet,fries,burger & float. We’re so takaw!

Mom bought bananas for her business & then we head home. We go back to the mall with my sister! Finally bought my new charger namely "Cloud",and also the name of my first charger. After that,Mom payed for our internet bills and my sister went playing inside the Octagon store where it has a free trial on Ipad 1 & 2! Hahaha.

Our cutie patootie face! *U*

My cutie sister who wants to play more!

Wait for 30 minutes for my Mom to pay then went to CDR-King to bought needed things for Franchie,a cleaner & a keyboard protector! Yay! :>

Went home and I’m so damn tired that day,thank God for a wonderful day. So that’s how I spend my Independence Day! *sounds rhyme?* ‚̧


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