Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Papa! How are you? I hope you’re fine. Hehehe,parang hindi nakapagusap kanina eh noh? Hindi nga lang kita nabati pero nabati kita sa Facebook! May gift pa ako sayo kahit image lang yun,I know super grateful ka dun,aminin! Seloso ka eh 😉 And,kahit hindi mo naman ito mababasa ipopost ko pa rin.

We have lots of common,from very masungit & moody,gadgets and drawings,from being maarte and such! I’m proud that I’m your daughter! Pa,I’m thankful God made you as my father,I’m thankful also that you loved my Mom so much. I’m also thankful that I have a nearly perfect family and it’s because of you. You know how to handle your family,how to raise your kids & you know how to love us unconditionally.

Pa,even though you’re relatives put you down,I know you’re facing them very strong. That’s what real man really do! :bd And Pa,I hope someday I would make you proud! Ya`know,I’m your forever baby girl!I love you,Papa & I miss you!

I’m excited to see you on 2nd of December! God Bless You,Pa! :* >:D<


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