Let me tell you a story about this !@#$%^ school website. 

I’m not pointing to my school,all I want to blame is this !@#$%^ website. I already registered my USN and even my password to our great dean but suddenly when I opened my account,look at the picture,that’s what happened. I already visit the school to fix it but the prof is out of nowhere and I already talked about it to our dean and he was just saying,look for this prof,she will help you. And where is that prof huh? WALEY! 

I’m really worried and disappointed of what happened. We already have quiz and activity and the deadline is by tomorrow and I don’t have a !@#$%^ account. Geez! 😐

Lord,help me! :’(


I finally access my moodle account,thank you Lord. We did it! :bd


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