I’m back!

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA lately because I’m really busy catching up my lessons in school. I had a very hard time dealing with my schedule because I have a morning schedule. If you see my schedule from my past post,I have a very boring schedule design. Fuhahaha! Lack of inspiration that time because of school works.

Last week,I bought this cheap but cute journal from NBS because I want to be creative though I’m going to school everyday. I already jot down my thoughts here but I always forgot to take a picture of it. Yeah,blame my morning schedule,I’m always tired every time I got home.

And oops. I also had a hard,no not hard but difficult relationship with my subject Trigonometry. Excuse the scientific calculator because it was soooo wrong! Mom bought it from a cheap store,so last Saturday,she bought me a new one from NBS. I really don’t get Trigo now a days because I’m absent there for two weeks,I’m a good student you know?! Hahaha,lol 😉

Anyway,I’m really okay now because I already completed my school week since last week. Thank God for giving me strength! So I hope I can find time everyday to update this beloved blog of mine. Ciao!



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