Exams is over,hooray!

The title of this post tell you what I’m really doing for the past few days. Exams. Yes,we have our prelims exam last Tuesday and I’m really quite nervous and stress because I really don’t know what to review because of being absent for two weeks. Huhuhu T^T

Thank God I got my permit because of my Mom,hahaha! I’m really afraid of getting my permit because of some issues. And thank God again because I thought my schedule would be a mess but I’m thankful it’s not! I don’t have a conflict schedule for the second schedule of exam. Yey!

The first day was really okay,it was an online based subject so I thought I’m going to take my exam at home but unfortunately it’s not. It’s a written exam! Thank God for mini-mini-mi-ni-mo. Hahaha! 😀 

Second day was a bit disaster,I got stuck on traffic for about a half hour and I’m late for about one hour and a half. Yeah,I was in a bad mood but thank God I got my exam in English,attendance only. Yey,but the schedule that day was not okay,I have a 6 hours vacant so I went home first to rest before going back to school for English despite of having an hour ride. Yeah!

Third day was a success! Last day and I decided not to go to school yesterday! I badly need a rest because I’m really exhausted.

I have 5 subjects for this term but I only got 4 exams signed because I’m late for my Literature subject. I have to get a special exam on July 9th,goodluck to me! I know God will help me,trust. ♥ 

So guys,July is approaching. It’s the birth month of the two important person in my life,my boyfriend & my HS bestfriend. Sadly,my bestfriend is out of nowhere now. Ooops,a date with my boyfriend this month,hopefully! ♥

Au revoir June,Bonjour July! Please be good to us! God Bless everyone!



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