Got myself a few things!

I went to school today,wow! I’ve been absent for 3 days because my auntie & grandma died in the same month but different day. So I have to accompany my Mom going to South last Tuesday & Wednesday and yesterday we went to my grandma’s wake. And for today,I just got home from school & did a little shopping for myself.

What I bought:

  • June & July issue of Candy magazine
  • Red nail polish from Etude House
  • A secret paper bag for someone I loved ♥

Buying these stuffs is not my intention this morning I wake up. All I want is to buy a secret pack for someone and the magazine & nail polish is not included there,lol. Thank God,Dad was able to send my allowance last week & definitely I spend the 1/3 of it for nothing. Great! My allowance is now budgeted.

So how’d ya doin’ guys today? TGIF! ♥


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