So how are we?

I miss posting stuffs about boyfriend because lately we haven’t been together except yesterday. I already post that we have to separate ways,chos! I mean I have to go to school and he have to wait for his birthday for him to have a job because he’s only 17. Yes,I’m older than him. So that’s our set-up for now. And I’m really fine with it because we don’t have any problems in communication,he texts me everyday and we have a YM conversation every night,sometimes at noon when I got home early from school.

But I still miss our college life way back year 2010-2011 and half of 2012. We’re always together going to school and going home and we’re always a late couple! Late in class and late in events in school. That’s how we roll. Hahaha,I really miss it and I really miss him. Sadly,I always forgot to put efforts every monthsary we have because I’m really getting busy right now. Promise,I will make him happy on his birthday! 

Hahaha,I don’t have picture to post because we’re not a vain couple. He don’t like to take pictures because he’s a camera shy. So that’s all! Thank you for reading this,as if someone will. :>


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