On a Wednesday…

I’m sick and that sick is called laziness because I can’t complete my school attendance for a week! I really hate myself for being too lazy. And yes,I’m absent for today because I wake up really not fine. Back pain and my arms muscles are also in pain,maybe it’s because of my two hour ride last Monday & Tuesday. Blame it to the heavy traffic Manila had forever!~ Great. Really great.

Oh well,my Wednesday is really fine. I feel being productive for cleaning the house,not the entire house actually. Cooked lunch & dinner,wew. Don’t worry,it’s all fried dishes. Hahahaha! =)))))) I also took a nap and it feels great. My energy for tonight is back. But unfortunately,I will be hitting the pillows later on after posting this. So what’s the sense,nevermind.

Here’s a not related photos. Took this tonight,actually the photos below are some of the things I have on my desk right now.

Say hello to my alarm clock which boyfriend gave me last April as a birthday present. It’s really useful for me because it’s the one who always wake me up though I get up on bed,10 minutes after it rings. Hahaha! :))

Here’s my 3 years baby. It’s already worn out and she badly need a rest. Hopefully,it will be replace probably next month or next next month. Depends on my Dad but he said that I will have the chance to buy a new one next month so I’m really excited. *crosses finger*

And lastly,I love my perfect hair bun! Huy,minsan lang mangyari na maayos ang pagkakatali ko sa buhok ko. *clap hands!*

Well,I really wish I can make it to my Econo class tomorrow which I didn’t attend for two weeks now. I’m a great student,isn’t it?

So cheers for Thursday! :bd


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