She’s out of her world.

First of all,I’d like to apologize for blogging about my absences in school these days because of non-sense reasons. I’m absent for 3 consecutively weeks in my subject Economics,I’m taking that subject every Tuesday and Thursday. Anyway,I shouldn’t be blogging about it,let’s go on the positive side,I finally attended my class there today and I’ve been trying my best to catch up with the lessons. I photo copied 18 pages of the lesson in a book which I borrowed from the library early this morning and will be reading it later before I sleep.

On the other note,I’ve already finished taking my quizzes & activities online. I also got my ID and exam permit today,hell week starts on Saturday. Wish me good luck! Hiding my face with a cute yellow smiley because I’m really ugly in my ID pictures! 

I’ve been doing productive things since yesterday and I like it. Took the photo above yesterday. It was our school’s freshmen day yesterday and I didn’t attend the event so I decided to stay at home and do productive things like updating my journal,printing my modules and work on my business which I will reveal in the future. There’s a clue on my profile!

Aside from that,I had a good time today with my new college friend Clau,Abby,Jinky & Paul but Paul & Jinky leave early because they have classes that time. We waited for the registrar for about 2 and a half hours and waited for the property custodian for 30 minutes to release our permit & receipts of ID laces. Imagine going up and down from the stairs? Exhausting! But I had a pretty good time! Had lunch at the canteen,never ending chicken meal there! It tastes very good naman,so no worry. 😉 

Went home at 12 and got here at 1pm,no traffic so I got early at home. Yipee! God is really good to me,I really prayed for this fine and good day. And now,she’s back on her world. Goodnight guys! ☺


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