Of sketching and weekends…

Mom woke me up this morning with a nervous sound of voice,this little boy in our compound entered our house without knocking on the door,my Mom thought it was a thief. Thank God,Mom woke up when she hear the door opens. Tsk,people now a days…

Anyway,how do I spend my weekend?

Saturday. I went to school to take my exam in Sociology then went home straight. When I reach our home, Mom wants me to go with them in Araneta to join the thanksgiving event of Rep. Manny Pacquiao but unfortunately because of the crowded people there,we didn’t have the chance to enter the Araneta. So we went home,disappointed. 🙂 Well,it’s okay. It’s not meant for us,but God is really great that he guide us on our way. 

Today was really lovely. The only thing that makes this day lovely is the rain,I super love the rain and I don’t know why. I’m such a weirdo? I decided to browse some art blogs and find inspirations,after browsing I tried if I can sketch and paint it using watercolor,so here’s my today’s sketch;

I know it’s not really good and I still need to practice my ~*drawing skillzs*~. I was planning to do more sketches this year and put it in a portfolio. I’m really into drawings since I was a kid but my passion for it lost when I was high school. Thank God that it’s coming back,again.

So that’s it for today’s post! I still have an exams tomorrow so I need to review my notes. Have an amazing weekdays everyone! ♥


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