Didn’t expect this…

Hi! It’s been a long time since I updated my Tumblog,I’m uninspired and I don’t why. Anyway,I feel sorry for wishing rain because I didn’t expect that wish will be a disaster for others. I love rain but not like this.

Last Wednesday,Mom and I went to my auntie’s house to fix some things and to our surprise,the road we were going to take is already flooded. So the driver decided to detour and we payed for 25 bucks instead of 11! What a great deal! 😐 

And these scene welcome us. My auntie’s house is also affected by the flood so they have to transfer their things on the second floor. Thank God,they have second floor! 

I hope the flood goes down so everyone will be okay like there’s nothing happened.  Prayers sent to all the flood victims. My youth mates are planning to help & donate for the victims this week or maybe next week. But we don’t know where to send that,ugh. Any help? Thank you so much!

Keep safe and God Bless,guys! 😉



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