Happy Birthday,bratz Angelica!

I look wasted here but you’re too beautiful so maganda na din ako! Hahaha,lol.

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in the whole world. (Late for about two hours.) I know we’re too far from each other but you know how much I love you despite of the gap we have before. Since first year high school we’ve been friends tru text then after a year we’ve been really good friends then taduh! BESTFRIENDS. Level-up! Hahaha.

Drop her your greetings here: http://dahilsayomikkomasayaako.tumblr.com/ if you haven’t greet her. Super friendly yan & ang cute ng voice niyan,pramis! ;>

You will know more about us if you continue reading…

She’s also the one to blame why I met my boyfriend now. Nung una,crush siya ni boyfriend,kaya selos na selos ako diyan eh,masisisi niyo ba ako? Hahaha! 

High school!!! Why I called her bratz? Because she’s part of our girl group name before in highschool “Bratinella” and we’re consist of 5 and the other one is already a Mommy now! So jeje lang nung name namin noon noh? Haha. Bonding,soon please? :3

December 2010. Double date ito with our boyfriends & we watched My Amnesia Girl. It was a happy bonding day with them then hindi na naulit because of some issues. Yeah! :>

Bangag na kami pero picture pa din. Pssssh…drinking session ito ng mga college friends ko noon and I shot two yata kaya ang pula ng mata ko diyan. And Angie? You will never knock her out when it comes to alcohol. Tapang niyan eh! ;>

And our super vain kawaii pictures. Super vain talaga namin noong highschool pa lang hanggang nung college and ngayon,super vain pa din. Haha! I super love this girl talaga!

Happy Birthday again,bhe! Wish you more birthdays to come & enjoy your life with God. May God bless you & your relationship with Mikko. I know you two are strong so keep it up and always love each other,mmkaaaaay? :‘3

I love you and I miss you! Looking forward for a bonding maybe this month or next month,please? :>



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