It’s better to be late than never.~

No one knows that my relationship with my boyfriend turns two last August 2,2012. Only a few friends knew about it and even my parents really don’t know what’s really special on that day. Haha! Little secret keeper here! NO! I’m a telltale person so okay! HAHAHA! :>

That day,I have no intention to gave him a gift and I only want to surprise him a balloon and cake,as a late birthday gift also but my friends told me that it was a childish act,but for me it does not. So I decided to postponed my gift,then I had this idea to check my Teentalk account on Candy and to my surprise,ang daming ideas dun and one of the ideas there is a scrapbook which is also the idea of my close friend but I insist kasi masyadong matrabaho. And because I want to put efforts and make it special though I know it’s super late na talaga,I spend 4 nights and I sleep at 3am just to finish it. And finally,taduh! ;>

I already gave it to him today together with my late birthday gift,three cupcakes & his favorite junk food,a box of positive quotes & his request for his computer. I forgot to take a picture of it so I guess the picture above will gave justice. Teeeheee :‘3

Cheers for 2 years,24 months,730 days,17 531 hours & 63 113 851 seconds of my life spend with you! You’re the most beautiful thing happened to me. I love you,forever & always. Mwa! :*


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