Of stress and happy bonding!

One of our final requirements for English 04 is the indie film making. We’re required to group into 8 but since we’re only few in our class and they already group their selves into 8,three of us left hanging. We decided to just make our own group composed of only 3 members. Production,script,directing,editing and everything needed for the film laid upon us. Bad thing that August seems to be a very not good month for all of us,no classes for one week and flooded area going to school,they only left us one week to do our film and yes,were cramming and our film is in rush!

We started our video shoot only today and we have to finish it till Wednesday. Great! Tsk,we have to double our time tomorrow for another video shoot.

Abby and me last Saturday when we tried to shoot a short scene of us but we failed. Owwwwkaaaaaay! Poor us =(

And for today’s shoot! We spend 3 hours for only 3 scenes? Ohmygolly, I hope we can finish this film. I know we will,have faith. God is always there for us. I know he will help us. ♥

Rhea,me & Abby; for today’s shoot. Excuse my tired face,I’m sleepless that time.

For now,I’m not going to tell what’s the flow of our movie. Let’s wait till we finish this freaking movie! Hope we can!

This week will probably the most busiest week for me,movie directing and editing plus the final exams on Thursday till Saturday. I need energy for all these activities. Cheers for being an irregular student! =(


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