Bonjour September!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing great `coz I am. Well,quite happy today because the first term is over and I might say hello to books,writings & arts these coming days! But wait…I still have a conflict exam to take on Tuesday & I already missed four exams on my moodle subject. I’m such a great student! Cheers!

“ 🙂 😐 😦 " Exactly my face! Go away stress,I need to make September my month!

By the way,Bonjour September! August seems to be a bad/sad month for all of us & we all need positive energy because Christmas is coming & my Dad also! I super duper missed my Dad to the 10th power. Call me Daddy’s girl I don’t care `coz I am. Hahaha! But seriously,I missed my Dad. My first boyfriend ever & my buddy! ♥ I love you,Papa!

I hope this month will bring us all happiness & fulfillment in life. All I hope for this month is good grades,good memories & new opportunities. Looking forward for things that will happen this month. I know God is pouring out his blessing for us everyday so I know he will make September a good one! I’ve decided that I’m going to make a "New Month: Resolutions”! Yaaaaaay! 🙂 :*


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