Happy 25th Monthsary my wishy love!

The photos above is the screenshot of our conversation yesterday. Here’s the story about that conversation…

Last Thursday,when my old college buddies went to our old school to get our refund from the graduation gown but we failed so we decided to sit in a bench somewhere near in the school, I jokingly said “Magpakasal ka na daw.” and I get irritated when he said “Oo ba. Basta hindi sayo.” How will you feel if your loved one said it to you?! As usual,I got hurt but then I didn’t make it a big deal. Then yesterday,I texted him to confirm if it is true. C’mon,girls! You understand me diba? Then the rest is history…

HAHAHAHA. I love this man to the 10th power! More months,years and decades to come! ♥


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