It’s really hard when you lose the trust of someone you loved,specially your friends. I know that I forgot to bond with them lately because of my studies + love life. Yeah,blame me guys for being anti-social,I’m really lazy when it comes to having social contact with someone IRL. Don’t trust me regarding those things,hahaha. Joke! But yes,I became lazy visiting them at their house. I prefer chilling at my room,facing my dear best friend,Francheska (lappy) and chat with my boyfriend rather than go outside,talk to people & enjoy the nature. I want to be at peace all the time.

But this time,I’ll come out of my comfort zone! Hey,this is a sacrifice you guys! Hahaha,I’ll be seeing my friends this time,not a joke,this is for real so please believe in me! Note the not a joke. You all know that I missed you a lot & I want to spend quality time with you girls. If only I’m living in the same city,it’ll be easier for me to go to your houses because it’s only walking distance. Please understand me! I know you will because we’re best friends right? Huhuhu,pretty please? :3

And oh,one thing! I’m really afraid of what my grades will be. Hoping for no failing grades. And I still have to take a special exam on Trigo on Friday. God please help me! I know you will. I promise I’ll do my best next term! Be happy! 🙂

Sorry for ranting guys. I can’t post pictures for now because my card reader is with the boyfriend and I’m lazy to get the cable for the camera also the cable for my cellphone! Hahaha,lazy ass here! 


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