Being productive on a Wednesday!

I’m glad I did something productive yesterday,cleaned my room,updated my inspiration board and put something nice in my desk wall. Great that I found some inspirations from my beloved magazine since last year,Candy! And also from the web.

Also print some of the memorable photos in polaroid form. Glad that Dad send me money to bought a new cartridge for my printer! Yay,business is open again! 🙂 Oh,also a new case for my Anya. *U*

Then I clip the photos in my desk wall,hello there friends! I miss you all :* Bought the clips in NBS in Pavillion,that NBS store is really great! :bd The store is complete and they have cute stationaries also! Bad that there’s no couple design of stationaries there 😦 

I also had the time to create a calendar on my laptop. Used the Google calendar & it’s great! I think it will be a great reminder for the second term! I’m excited,not.

So yeah! That’s all,I hope you’re having a good time guys! :3


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