Today was wonderful. I’m with the boyfriend earlier today and it’s such a lovely day for me. We went to Mega Mall with our classmates to join the Job Fair there and on our way,boyfriend held me his earphones and we both enjoyed the music playing on his phone. He chose to play my favorite songs of Taylor Swift! `Coz he knows that I’m a Taylor fan! I’m the happiest girl alive in the world with that kind of sweet gestures. Tee-hee :3

When we arrived at the mall,we have to wait for our friends for about an hour so we decided to pigged out ourselves at Mcdo and of course,it’s already lunch that time. I have fun teasing him while eating because the cashier gave him an extra change. Hahahaha! Instead of 50 bucks,the cashier gave him 150 bucks! And because I’m a good girl, I pushed him to gave the 100 back. While we’re having fun eating our meal,there’s a man who introduce some of their foundation pins and selling it for 50. And because I’m a good girl,I bought it. (Wala akong choice,gusto ko lang umalis agad yung lalaki kasi nakakairita. Hahaha!) And after 1236483652 years,our friends finally came. Huhuhu,thank God!

I left them at Mcdo because I have to accompany my classmates at the school. Well,nothing happened. I already have a NFE mark on my Trigo class card and I have to complete it this year. Saaaaaaad for me but I don’t have to worry,God will provide and he’ll never leave me. I went back at the mall and search for Jhorell (a close friend) but I can’t find him so I decided to bought a Yakult green tea at Happy Lemon,tastes good. Will definitely go back there to try their milk teas! Hide and seek peg for Jhorell & me for half an hour. Hahahahaha! Went home at 4pm,I feel so secured when I’m with Jervin (boyfriend) ♥

He stayed at home for a couple of hours and went home at 9pm. New memories to treasured again,I have fun I swear! Thank you Lord for this wonderful day! 


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