Insta-Week 001 :

  • New operating system for lappy! I don’t know what my Mom did to my computer when she opened it. That round blue pointer keeps on loading,so I called boyfriend to fixed it and thank God he did! But I’m still annoyed because he installed Windows 8 Beta & I can’t install some important files! Darn.
  • My favorite snacks this term! Oh,who said you can’t be healthy by eating those precious cookies in the groceries!
  • Mom also cooked Dinuguan for lunch because I miss eating this! Mom’s dinuguan is the best! :bd
  • New notebook for the new term. I bought this because of the color pink! Hrhrhr,it’s so cute,isn’t it? :3
  • Sopas for dinner yesterday. My family love eating soup specially when it’s raining at night. I love my family soooo much! ♥
  • Hello Kitty stuffs! Yes,I’m a Hello Kitty fan. I love to collect Hello Kitty stuffs! :bd

Trying to post proper tonight because I think I’ll be more busier in the coming months. My second term has already started last Monday & I have to get a higher grades this term because I really failed my parents from my last term’s grade. Kudos to me! Oooh,new background on my blog,I supposed to make a new banner for my blog & for my sweetie @mgapayonihannah but my Photoshop crashed & I have to download a new one but I’m still lazy to get one now so I think I will be asking boyfriend’s help once again. Woooooooo! :bd

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